I picked this book up for the nature writing (which was exquisite – the descriptions of the North Carolina marshland were lyrical, immersive and magically transportive – I want to read all of this author’s non-fiction books about the wilderness now).

What I didn’t expect was a truly riveting murder mystery (that is scattered throughout a book that is mainly a love letter to the marshland).

And what I REALLY didn’t expect was a love story with so much depth (with quiet chemistry between the two leads that’s off the charts – with a surprisingly hot (yet sensitively done) scene).

But, above all, I loved that the central love story of this incredibly well crafted book was between Kya and her marsh. My highest recommendation.

I am hoping for a movie that does justice to the gorgeous marsh setting and imagery (particularly the spectacular wildlife) – something that I think only IMAX could do full justice to.