Absolutely phenomenal. One the most brilliantly constructed books I’ve ever read.

The story starts in 1714 when a young woman named Addie runs into the forest to escape an arranged marriage and makes a pact for freedom with a god of the dark in exchange for her soul. He gives her immortality and complete freedom with a catch – she is forgotten the moment she passes out of view. The book jumps across time and continents (much of it in near present day) – until Addie stumbles upon a bookstore and meets a young man, the first person in 300 years, who remembers her.

Both a deep reflection on love/loss and the passage of time and a first-rate fantasy novel (complete with a complicated, malefic-yet-swoony god of the dark) – this is absolutely one of the best novels I’ve ever read. Stellar writing and a treasure trove of gorgeously constructed chapters that are a sensory delight. My highest recommendation.