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7/25/17 – THERE ARE BLACK WITCH LOLLIPOPS! (yes, I am yelling this fact – because it is epic) – as seen at San Diego Comic Con 🙂





















7/25/17 – Fantastic time at Comic Con, San Diego! So wonderful to meet favorite authors like Robin Hobb, Kiersten White, Vic James & Amanda Foody and find new favorites! Honored to be part of the “Diana’s Sister Protagonists” panel at SDCC with such talented people.










5/20/17 – So, there are now BOOK STICKERS! (I’m ridiculously excited about this new development on my publishing journey).

























May 2, 2017 – THE BLACK WITCH Book Launch Event!

Phoenix Books Event Link


























More BLACK WITCH Launch Month events! 🙂







































April 2017 – THE BLACK WITCH at the Texas Library Association convention – San Antonio, Texas!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the librarians of Texas 🙂

The line at the BLACK WITCH book signing – we ran out of books!

It was so exciting to happen upon THIS at the Texas Library Association convention 🙂












The beautiful San Antonio river walk 🙂



January 2017 – THE BLACK WITCH in California, L.A. and San Francisco!

At the NCIBA (Northern California Independent Booksellers Assoc.) convention in San Francisco 🙂  – so great to meet so many wonderful authors & booksellers 🙂
















1/7/2017 My beautiful cover!






























Read an excerpt from ‘The Black Witch’ by Laurie Forest


Eagerly awaiting getting my hands on some of these ARCs. It’s going to be extraordinary to hold this book in my hands – to flip through it and see it with a spine. Final cover should be coming soon – have seen a possible cover that took my breath away.  Keeping fingers crossed that the cover is approved by all.




















9/10/16 Editing WANDFASTED and falling into the story – very happy with how this Black Witch prequel turned out…















8/17/16 – MADE PLAYLISTS (of some of the music I listened to while writing The Black Witch Chronicles) – Enjoy!


8/16/16 – I have had the incredible honor of two of my top three favorite authors not only reading my book – but liking it!  Beyond ecstatic – everything else will be icing on the book cake 🙂



6/12/16 – MY FIRST FAN ART! By Schuyler – inspired by The Black Witch (June 2017, HarlequinTEEN).

fan art



6/1/16 – Just got my line edit – SO EXCITED TO SEE MY BOOK IN REAL BOOK FORMAT!  IT LOOKS BEYOND AMAZING!  I want to hug everyone at HarlequinTEEN, especially my amazing editor, Lauren Smulski!!!





























4/16/16 – Wandfasted – e-book prequel to The Black Witch (Harlequin TEEN, July 2017)


Taylor's picture

















Lukas Grey



















3/29/16 – Black Witch edit done!  Working on Wandfasted Novella (prequel to The Black Witch and out in e-book July 2017, Harlequin TEEN)















9/6/15 – First intensive editing day for The Black Witch.  So happy to be working with my fantastic editor at Harlequin TEEN, Lauren Smulski 🙂















6/28/15 – Working on how to describe giant, exploding fireballs.  A fun literary challenge.
















6/15/15 – So excited to be working with HarlequinTEEN 🙂